About Me

This is what I do.
Andrew Lambrecht


Hi. I'm Andrew. I am married and between my wife and I we have 6 children, 1 of whom are still living at home. When I am not coding, I am out in the garden, camping, boating or fishing. My wife and I love to go on weekend adventures to see touristy stuff. Our family is comprised of do-it-yourselfers; we would rather do something wrong several times than pay someone to do it right. It may cost us more, but the knowledge we receive in the process is priceless.

How It All Started

Before I found my love of technology, I was an ASE Certified auto mechanic for about 10 years. Around 1994 I purchased my first computer which was a Packard Bell 486 50Mhz. Within a year of owning the Packard Bell, I built my first personal computer. I really enjoyed working with computer hardware and to me it seemed like Legos; just put the pieces together that fit and work well. I landed my first tech job at a computer upgrade center where I was promoted to manager within a year. On the side I started tinkering with Microsoft FrontPage which was my leap into the web development world. In 1996 close to Halloween I built a website that was an online virtual haunted house. Within that month I received a call from my hosting provider congratulating me for the airing of it on CNN. I received a great amount of feedback from people who enjoyed the site to developers telling me how to better conceal my links with JavaScript. From there over the years I moved from FrontPage to Dreamweaver then to Visual Studio. I went from HTML/JavaScript to VB/Classic ASP then to .NET.

Microsoft Certified Professional